At Skinfood we've lovingly created a range of nutritious products for your skin that will have you feeling nourished, cleansed and revitalised.

In all its abundance it effortlessly creates balance, and what better source to draw from when forming the Skinfood range than nature itself. Inspired by our proud roots in New Zealand, we’ve been harnessing nature's abundant genius since 2003.

Living in this busy and fast-paced world our bodies crave natural, authentic goodness, that's why we sustainably source the best most nourishing ingredients. Like a well-balanced diet, we've designed a range of products that will delight your skin's tastebuds.

We are proud of our values and of the products we produce and we work hard to keep at the forefront of developments in natural ingredients. Today we have over 35 face and body products, that are loved by women of all ages.

Indulge with Skinfood’s recipes to feed your skin and help balance your being – Naturally Good, Skinfood.