Winter Skin Care Routine

The seasons have changed, and so should your skin care! Similar to your transitional autumn/winter wardrobe, it’s time to assess and update your winter skin care routine to better reflect your skin’s needs, and most importantly, fight off dry skin & irritation. As the weather cools down you’ll notice a chill in the air, your lips needing a little extra love, and your hands begin to dry out. Just like you throw on a knit sweater to stay warm, your skin needs the same TLC to stay happy and hydrated. 

So why does this happen EVERY winter? Your skin likes consistency, and when this is disrupted by a change in environment, it shows. Changes in temperature and humidity affect the skin barrier, leading to moisture loss, irritation and inflammation. But we can counter this with some of the below tips! 

1/ Take an audit of your current routine. 

What does your current line up look like? Winter is the perfect time to trade in your water based formulas for creamier textures. Try swapping your Gel Cleanser for Ceramide Cleansing Cream. This silky cream based formula is packed with Ceramide Complex CLR-K, designed to protect the skin barrier from exactly this; environmental change. Another great option to protect your skin’s moisture loss is bulking out your night time routine. Emollient rich creams will help to hydrate otherwise weathered skin, locking in moisture in to avoid dry patches and irritation. 


2/ Add in extras. 

So we’ve changed out some regulars, what about extras? Winter is the perfect time to get into ‘pamper mode’. We’re talking masks, oils, serums and lotion. Did you get slack with your body butter during summer? Did you forgo oil treatment on your hair ends? Neglecting hands, cuticles and lips? We recommend actively incorporating a serum or oil into your night time routine, a once a week treatment mask (have you tried our new Hydrogel mask?), and twice a week full body lotion routine. 


3/ Take your Mum’s advice. 

She really is right when she says; ‘take a jacket’ - ‘wrap up warm’ - ‘get an early night’ - ‘have a hot cup of tea’. Taking care of your overall wellbeing during winter will not only keep you in good health, but help keep your skin in check as well. Your body still needs ample water to keep your skin happy, as well as a full 8 hours of beauty sleep. 

4/ Ease your stress. 

Something we preach all year long, is trying to ease daily stressors. Taking a long bath, cuddling up on the couch with a movie and loved one, long beach walks (with a beanie and jacket), and playing a cheeky half hour of your new fave game. Whatever it takes, just remember to unwind and take a few deep breaths. The lower your stress and cortisol levels are, the happier your skin, body & mind will be. We recommend scheduling your daily down time, and taking note of the things that ease your mind and make you feel relaxed.

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