WHY is my skin breaking out during lockdown?

Send help! I figured that with 4 weeks with no makeup, *hopefully* plenty of time to do sheet masks and self care, that my skin would be GLOWING. And yet, it’s not. It’s hit the fan, so to speak.

Well, there might be a couple reasons your skin isn't playing ball right now. Let’s dive in. 


  1. You’re just not getting enough fresh air.

    That’s right, your skin is a creature of habit, and if you’re suddenly in different air conditions, let’s say trapped in your house with higher humidity, stuffiness, and excess dust, your skin will notice. Your skin breathes in everything around, just like when you go on holiday to a humid, smoggy country and your skin plays havoc, the same will happen when you’re trapped in a confined space. Sorry. 

    Our recommendation: Add an extra 30 mins onto your daily walk. Try and maximise any time outside you can. Make sure to open a few windows in the morning as well! 


  1. You’ve unknowingly increased your sugar and alcohol intake.

    Admit it, you’ve had a few cheeky wines. And to go with them, so chocolate, a homemade cinnamon bun and a third almond milk mocha. And whilst this is something you may have done before lockdown, the chances are it wasn't as frequent. Alcohol can have a grave impact on the way our skin behaves, as does sugar, as they both cause inflammation. This basically means it increases the chances of acne, redness, dryness snd irritation. Alcohol can be a big dehydrator, and if you’re not also increasing your water intake, it’s going to be leaving your skin looking a bit lack-lustre. 

    Our recommendation: Consciously have a water bottle with you in the house, if it's there you'll drink it! This will help not only bust snack cravings, but balance your hydration levels from too much coffee, sugar and alcohol. 

  2. You're working out, but not cleansing enough! 

    We COMMEND you if you're one of the few doing an at home workout everyday. But just because you're in your home, it doesn't mean you should lounge out after that workout is over. Sweaty pores are a great, surefire way to increase acne on the face and body, as they clod the pores, big time. If you're going straight from your workout back to your couch or computer, you're letting all those toxins you sweated out, sit on your skin.

    Our recommendation: Make sure you jump in the shower post workout, no excuses!


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