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With all this natural goodness surrounding us everyday, why shouldn't we leverage the good and step away from the unnatural? Our new Quench Coconut Mask, is a rich blend of coconut oil, lime pearl caviar & New Zealand glacial clay, which comes together and creates a multi-purpose cleansing & hydrating mask to help refresh skin & diminish dullness. So what exactly are these 3 wonder ingredients? Well let's start with our much-loved Coconut, which certainly already has a home at the heart of the Skinfood collection.

Coconut Oil, which is made by drying the kernel (meat) of the Coconut, is natures gift to a healthy lifestyle. An excellent moisturising oil that productively softens all skin types, and which, unlike mineral oil has no chance of giving off any unfavourable side effects. Coconut oil is filled with antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, and caprylic acid which have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. All of which strengthens our immunity to any nasties that might come our way. Being such a natural hydrator thanks to its antioxidant properties, Coconut oil can slow the aging of our skin. If applied to the skin morning and night, it can help delay the appearance of wrinkles and take charge against gravities cruel sagging of skin that normally comes with aging. 


New Zealand Glacial Clay is exceptionally pure, and comes from a newly discovered deposit of rare nontronite clay created through the collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice over three million years ago. Thousands of years later, these precious minerals were carried downstream to fresh water lakes in the Canterbury high country. It’s high mineral content and complete absence of the five heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Antimony) makes it the perfect clay for our natural face mask.The low grit level rejuvenates your skin by restoring its minerals, leaving it soft and smooth. As a nontronite clay, New Zealand Glacial Clay has super absorbing capabilities and creates an electrical charge that attracts toxins out of your skin. 


Caviar Lime is a small tree endemic to the sub-tropical rainforests of Northeastern New South Wales and Southeast Queensland of Australia. It produces magnificent green to deep purple-black cylindrical shaped fruit, also known as Finger Lime which contain small caviar size capsules.Lime Pearl is a natural source of AHAs extracted from the Australian Caviar Lime especially designed to stimulate skin through gentle exfoliation for a smoother, brighter and more even skin complextion. Dead cells accumulated at the surface of the skin make skin look dull and lifeless. Exfoliation is the best way to remove them and reveal a fresher and newer skin beneath. Performed frequently, it helps keep a radiant look with soft skin.


Using Skinfood’s nutrient rich Quench Coconut Mask will deliver instant hydration and the natural anti-bacterial properties will help to heal and repair skin.  Stay tuned for more 'What's in my Skinfood?' posts coming soon!