Serums are a great tool for enhancing hydration levels & giving your skin that soft & supple feeling. Our Hydrating Face Serum uses a powerful blend of Passion Flower, Olive, Echinacea Extracts & Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture & encourage a healthy glow. Each ingredient with its own personal benefits to make our serum a new staple step in your skincare routine. 

Passion Flower Extract

Filled with antioxidants, like quercetin, Passion Flower has been found to be exceptionally effective for fighting off free radicals & other enzymes that can cause inflammation in the skin & body. 

Olive Extract

Olive Extract or otherwise known as Squalane is incredibly hydrating and important to your skin. Your body naturally creates Squalene, so by applying more to your skin, you're almost guaranteed to feel even more hydrated than normal.

This ingredient comes in two forms, we use Squalane (Olive Extract), which is a version that has been more hydrogenated, making it less heavy. Perfect for our lightweight serum.

Echinacea Extract

Echinacea is another great ingredient filled with antioxidants. Echinacea actives help to decrease inflammation & fight the harmful bacteria that can otherwise cause the skin to flare up.

Hyaluronic Acid 

Despite its name, Hyaluronic Acid isn’t harsh on skin, and is in fact a powerful moisture-binding ingredient that keeps skin plump and radiant. It dives deep into the skin, helping to enhance & restore that skins natural moisture levels