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Leave it to nature to make a complex system seem simple. In all its abundance it effortlessly creates balance, and what better source to draw from than nature itself.

The Skinfood Story started to make natural goodness accessible & affordable. With this shared mission, we’ve harnessed nature’s best, using bio-active superfood ingredients to bring to life the NZ made, sustainably sourced & cruelty free range that is affordable - Skinfood.

In recent times we’ve seen a massive shift to go back to basics - we never left. Skinfood has, and continues to be inspired by nature’s authentic goodness since our proud beginning in 2003 combining good-for-you food ingredients into every day skin care.

Since then, Skinfood continues to be leaders in natural, food-based beauty. Expanding our range to create a skincare regime that offers something for everyone. In the world of skin care, there is no single best ingredient or even best group of ingredients. Just like your body needs a variety of healthy foods to thrive, your skin needs a variety of beneficial ingredients to look its best.

But why food?
 Just as the right mix of foods nourish your body, the right mix also nourishes your skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ - and deserves the same care as you give your insides. Utilising the best bio-actives from foods & plants allows us to bring their natural benefits to life in our skincare. Like a well-balanced diet, Skinfood promises to serve you only the finest ingredients to feed your skin the best from nature, delighting your skin’s taste buds at every touch. We use a wide range of super food ingredients that are nutritionally dense, packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids and vital replenishing ingredients to enrich and strengthen skin’s surface.

Highlighted among our range includes; Avocado, Goji Berry, Coconut, Manuka Honey, Cucumber, Lime Pearl Caviar, New Zealand Glacial Clay, Beetroot & Broccoli. Together, these natural powerhouses benefit the skin, working to nourish, detoxify, cleanse, hydrate & repair.

Indulge with Skinfood’s recipes to feed your skin.