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There's a vast variety of toners out there, but do we really need them? If you’re wondering what a toner is supposed to do to your skin, you’re not alone. Once you really understand what a good toner can do for you skin, and start using one, you’ll be shocked and impressed at the benefits and the change in your skin.

At the most basic level, toners are notorious for removing excess oil, and thus preventing any unnecessary pore blockages, blackhead and breakouts. Not only does it remove debris, but repairs, soothes and smooths the skin surface, whilst penetrating pores to minimise signs of redness and inflammation.

Therefore, the ideal time to use a toner is straight after cleansing with warm water, when your pores are clean and ready to absorb the goodness of a toner. A toner can quickly and efficiently provide skin with an abundance of antioxidants, soothing ingredients and essential hydrating ingredients.

An organic toner with quality ingredients will enhance the skins surface, making your complexion appear fresher, smoother and hydrated.They work had to cleanse and shrink pores, which not only gives your skin a smooth look and feel, but make it much harder for debris or oil to penetrate it. Our skin is slightly acidic, giving it a pH balance of usually about 5.5.

Most soaps have an alkaline nature and our skins pH gets disturbed, which leads to a drying effect. When this occurs, your skin works overtime to produce oil to self-moisturise skin, which is when unruly breakouts and blemishes can appear. Using a toner re-balances skins pH quickly after cleansing and prevents the overproduction of oil.

Toners often include ingredients with humectants (substances used to reduce the loss of moisture), which means they aid your skin in binding moisture. When a toner is used, the skin retains moisture and appears hydrated, moisturised and youthful.

Also, a toner preps the skin to fully absorb any serums and moisturisers that are applied to the skin afterwards. So, it's fairly evident that a toner is a crucial step to include in your face care routine, ensuring clearer skin, smaller pores, and a hydrated and healthy glow (and who doesn't want that?!).

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