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2019 is in full swing and you’re probably going strong with your New Year, New You New Years Resolutions. But have you got one for your skincare? Looking after your skin is easy when you know the right combination of products to suit your skin type.

We’ve done the work for you by presenting our top 4 picks for redefining your 2019 skincare routine.


Dry Skin: Make moisture your mood.

Having dry skin can be tough, and the ever changing weather doesn’t help. Which is why it’s super important to have a moisturiser at the ready for whenever your skin isn’t at its best.

Top picks:
- Cleans All
- Coconut & Cucumber Hydrating Sheet Mask
- Nourishing Moisturiser
- Restore Night Cream

Oily/ Combination Skin: Find the right balance.
Knowing when your skin is about to experience a breakout can be hard to judge. So it’s best to always have the right products in your bathroom cupboard to help fight those toxins from clogging your pores and keep your skin soft and nourished.

Top picks:
- Gel Cleanser
- Exfoliating Scrub
- Detox Charcoal Mask
- Light Moisturiser

Normal Skin: New Year Refresh
If you don’t have any particular skin concerns but want to have that New Year, New Year GLOW, we recommend getting into a skin routine that compliments your skin and takes care of it naturally.

Top picks:
- Coconut Mist Toner
- Kiwifruit & Tangerine Repairing Sheet Mask
- Coconut & Nut Oil
- Quench Coconut Mask

Shop your new skincare routine with Skinfood and make 2019 the year of the natural GLOW