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Each day your skin gets rid of dead skin cells as it restores and rejuvenates iteself. While majority of these will be washed away with your daily cleanse, some will manage to stick around which can make your skin dry and appear dull. So we totally understand how nice (and necessary) it is to exfoliate - but at what cost?

Microbeads are teeny tiny balls of plastic, known as polyethylene, that a number of personal care companies use in their exfoliating products.. They're cheap to produce and seem like an effective way of exfoliating. But the main issue with these is the considerable damage they're causing after they've washed off your face, down your drain and into a water treatment plant. They're so small that the water treatment plants and sewage systems aren't able to remove or breakdown the microplastic, meaning they stay in the water right throughout the process.

Eventually, the plastic beads end up in the ocean and our marine life are mistaking them for part of their natural diet, like fish eggs, and are consuming them.

And it doesn't end here; the fish you're planning to eat for dinner may have ingested those little microbeads, establishing their damage to the food chain.



Here at Skinfood, we're proud to say that we have never nor will we ever use plastic microbeads to help you exfoliate. Our Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub is full of good ingredients to help your skin feel nourished after exfoliating and we choose to use Walnut Shell as our natural exfoliant. The shells are ground into fine particles, but since Walnut shells are relatively hard they make an extremely effective natural face and body scrub which really help to manage even thick deposits of dead surface skin. We think this is a far better option for exfoliating than harmful polyethylene, not only for your skin but for the beautiful world we live in.

Our Exfoliating Scrub also contains other yummy natural ingredients like cucumber extract to help calm and repair your skin with vitamins A, C, E and K, Lime oil to rejuvenate and protect your skin from infections, Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and Manuka Honey.


Another option, our Exfoliating Body Bar which uses ground Macadamia shell to reach deep into pores to remove your dead skin cells and a combination of manuka honey and sweet almond oil help it to regenerate itself. The Exfoliating Body Bar is a great option for those with sensitive skin that sometimes find other exfoliators too harsh. And it doesn't contain any artificial colour, perfumes or toxic chemicals.

So exfolaiting your skin doesn't have to be a harmful process and we want to help you stay natural and free of dead skin! Just make sure you're choosing natural exfoliants and products that aren't filled with polyethylene.

You can shop Skinfood's natural Exfoliating Scrub here or the Exfoliating Body Bar here.

 Skinfood Exfoliating Body Bar


We're also proud that all of our ingredients are sourced from sustainable suppliers. In all the steps it takes to make our product and ship it around the world we ensure we are making sustainable choices that have the least impact on the environment.

We do not test our products or the ingredients they are made from on animals.

And our packaging is fully recyclable and we encourage all packaging to be recycled.


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