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Serums & Moisturisers help the skin in different ways. Often, a serum alone will be enough for what your skin needs, & other times you will find that you need both a serum & a moisturiser to feed your skin the hydration & nutrients it craves.


Serums are generally thinner & lighter than moisturisers. They contain active ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin & their most common function is to intensely hydrate the skin, going deeper than just the surface level.

Of course, there are different varieties of Serums, take our Skinfood Hydrating Face Serum & Brightening Eye Serums for example. Both serums are formulated to protect & deeply hydrate the skin, however the Brightening Eye Serum also functions to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes which assists in naturally brightening the area to reduce the signs of dark circles. Whereas our Hydrating Face Serum acts to retain skin's natural moisture levels & encourage a healthy glow.

Serums can be used both morning & night. They do not typically replace your moisturiser but in fact, assist in the hydrating effects if used in conjunction.

Things to keep in mind when using a Skinfood Serum:

- As they contain potent natural ingredients, a little goes a long way.
- Use after cleansing & exfoliating the skin. This ensures the serums will penetrate deeply into the skin & not be stopped by excess dirt & build up.
- Although Serums offer amazing results to the skin, they are best to be used as an addition to your skincare routine & not as a replacement to anything.


Moisturisers are a staple in any skincare routine. Used daily to hydrate & protect the skin from excess dirt & the rigors of sun & air. Their main benefit is that they seal the skin, locking in moisture & nutrients.

Moisturisers certainly come down personal preference when choosing the right one for your skin. Skinfood offers three variations of daily moisturiser all formulated with different natural bio-active ingredients that support different levels of hydration.

Skinfood’s Nourishing Moisturiser is a thick, luxurious cream fortified with loads of skin-repairing ingredients to hydrate & revitalise tired skin. Perfect for targeting dry skin & restoring its natural hydration.

Skinfood Light Moisturiser is a non-oily & paraben-free facial moisturiser that gently refreshes leaving skin silky smooth & hydrated. It contains ingredients that help to repair & restore collagen & elastin. Skinfood’s Light Moisturiser is ideal for oilier skin types because of its light texture it doesn’t clog & agitate pores. It is also great for men who like to moisturise but don’t like heavily perfumed & creamy alternatives.

Skinfood’s SPF15 Moisturiser is formulated with Manuka Honey, Avocado Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera. Using this product every morning, even if it’s cloudy out, takes seconds but will help save your skin from the sun as well as moisturise & hydrate. Similar to our Light Moisturiser, it is ideal for oilier skin types, but can be used on all as it's slightly thicker than the Light Moisturiser to ensure an even layer of UV protection is applied. Moisturisers should be used daily.

Including a serum to this routine morning or night or both will highlight the moisturisers benefits & really ensure great skin results.

Which Skinfood Moisturiser is right for your skin type:

- Skinfood Nourishing Moisturiser - Dry to Normal Skin.
- Skinfood Light Moisturiser - Normal to Combination/ Oily Skin.
- Skinfood SPF15 Moisturiser - Suitable for all skin types.

The main differences:

1, Consistency of the products - Serums are thinner & lighter. Moisturisers are thicker & creamier.

2, Serums and moisturisers reach different layers of your skin. Serums penetrate the skin deeper, hydrating from the inside out. Mositurisers act as a barrier on the surface of the skin, locking in the moisture throughout the day.

3, The purpose of a moisturiser is always to hydrate the skin. Serums certainly do add hydration but also offer additional or different benefits to the skin. ie. Skinfood Brightening Eye Serum also functions to rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eyes which assists in naturally brightening the area to reduce the signs of dark circles.

Skinfood Suggestion: In order to maintain a truly well-balanced skin care regime, you'll want to add a serum to your daily moistursing habits.