One of the best ways to target many skin issues (think dry skin, oily skin, fine lines) is with a face mask. The hardest part is knowing exactly which mask you should be using, and what will benefit your skin concern best.

We explain all 10 Skinfood Masks to give you the rundown on which ones you should & maybe shouldn’t be using before applying them to your skin.

Face masks have fast become the biggest trend in skin care and so they should be! Face masks give your skin the boost it craves no matter which type of boost you’re after. Whether it be moisturising, detoxifying, replenishing, a face mask is the surefire way to get fast results. Bonus is that they’re so pampering and luxurious. They’re also a great way to add an extra element to your skin care routine to really get the results you want.


1, Mud Masque 

This is our original face mask that aims to cleanse and detoxify the skin. Using Rotorua Mud, Aloe Vera & Spirulina, this mask really digs deep into the skin’s pores to remove excess dirt & impurities. The Aloe Vera simultaneously soothes to ensure skin feels soft and supple after.
Best used for breakouts and oily skin.


2, Quench Coconut Mask

Another clay mask of ours that deeply hydrates & cleanses to help refresh skin and diminish dullness. While the coconut oil and New Zealand Glacial Clay works to heal and hydrate the skin, the active lime pearl caviar gently exfoliates away dead skin cells. If you’re into the idea of really feeling the mask do the work, this one’s for you!
Best suited for dry and/or dull skin.


3, Detox Charcoal Mask

Similar to our Mud Masque this clay mask purifies the skin to minimise pores and draw out impurities. Think of this mask as the Mud Masque on steroids, with bamboo charcoal, rotorua mud & seaweed extracts intensely working together to eliminate any nasties and leave only the good stuff in your skin.
Best suited for oily skin and/or dull tired skin


4, Revive Berry Mask

Packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, this gel mask helps rejuvenate & restore hydration levels in the skin. Full of delicious berries, the revive berry mask is a super hydrating mask that leaves skin exceptionally soft. It also smells amazing!!
Best suited for dry skin and/or skin wanting a boost of hydration.


5, Glow Manuka Honey Mask

Abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this overnight gel mask helps to leave skin feeling moisturised & refreshed, while the lime pearl caviar works to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells.
Best suited for any skin type wanting a boost of hydration.


6, Soothe Eye Mask

Our eye mask is another overnight gel mask of ours that helps to calm & reduce feeling of puffiness around the eyes. New Zealand fern & comfrey extracts care for the sensitive area around the eyes, encouraging its natural elasticity to rejuvenate.
Best suited for tired looking skin and/or puffiness around the eyes.


7, Night Avocado Mask

This intensely hydrating gel-cream mask is packed with some of nature’s most restorative & soothing ingredients like avocado oil, cucumber & aloe vera. This powerful hydrating mask replenishes by locking in skins water levels otherwise lost overnight.  
Best suited for dry skin and/or skin looking for serious hydration.


8, Pomegranate & Peach Rejuvenating Sheet Mask

This concentrated mix of pomegranate & peach, with collagen, comes together to help restore goodness to skin, leaving it replenished & rejuvenated - all in one 15 minute bamboo sheet mask. Collagen adds structure to the skin, giving it elasticity & plumpness and as we age this natural collagen production can decline, but adding collagen into our skin's diet helps skin to remain smooth, plump & reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Best suited to tired looking skin.


9, Kiwifruit & Tangerine Repairing Sheet Mask

Full of acidic goodness, New Zealand Kiwifruit extract & Tangerine oil combine to help restore & protect skin, along with Vitamin C to leave skin feeling naturally radiant, all in just 15 minutes. This deliciously good repairing sheet mask is a concentrated dose of nutrients to help improve skin health, brighten otherwise dull skin & leave your face feeling naturally radiant.
Best suited for dull looking skin.


10, Coconut & Cucumber Hydrating Sheet Mask

Packed with two of our favourite ingredients to soothe & moisturise, this Coconut & Cucumber Hydrating Sheet Mask is a refreshing blend helping to provide intense hydration, giving your skin an extra dose of moisture. Combined with hyaluronic acid, which packs a tonne of skin-boosting benefits including an amazing ability to deliver lasting moisture to the skin to help plump, firm & tone, this injected bamboo sheet mask works to lift & hydrate skin in just 15 minutes.
Best suited for normal/ dry skin and/or skin wanting a boost of hydration.