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In the mood for some naturally decadent body care? We’ve got you covered with our brand new body collection that’ll have your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling good enough to eat!

We’re so excited to introduce two indulgent body scrub blends as well as two new indulgent body bars – natural body care just got a whole lot more exciting!




Your skin turns over 50 million skin cells a day – and we can help you exfoliate some of those away. 

Using a body scrub is a fantastic way to exfoliate dead and dry skin, leaving your skin looking more vibrant, feeling firmer and more revived, as lacklustre, tired skin is exfoliated away. Exfoliating regularly also allows moisturising ingredients to absorb better into the body, making it the perfect prep for body lotion or self tanner. 


Just as your face & hair have different needs, we know everybody’s skin is different, so we’ve released two unique scrub blends to cater to your skin’s needs. These two bio-active food based scrubs are vegan friendly, cruelty free, made in NZ with 100% natural ingredients and have no synthetic fragrances - just like the rest of our range! 


Our Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub is an invigorating blend of roasted coffee grounds, rich cacao powder, oatmeal, coconut oil, kaolin clay, Epsom & sea salts.

Together these indulgent ingredients gently buff and renew skin, helping to boost its natural radiance and stimulate circulation. This scrub is a detoxifying wonder, drawing excess oil from the skin, helping to rid the skin of impurities and irritations while sealing in moisture.



Our Coconut & Berry Reviving Body Scrub is a refreshing blend of acai berry, coconut oil, walnut shell powder, beetroot, chia seeds, Epsom, Himalayan & sea salts.

This antioxidant packed fusion of natural ingredients gently scrubs away dead & dry skin while helping to revive tired skin. Ultra moisturising coconut oil helps to soothe skin irritations while replenishing natural moisture back into the skin. Vitamin C rich acai berry & beetroot aid in collagen production while working to reduce inflammation & hyperpigmentation, to leave your skin feeling its best. 



We’ve also long been fans of the classic body bar - so we’ve added two new blends to the range, as well as given these Skinfood favourites a packaging revamp! Be on the lookout for our beautiful new packaging across all 6 body bars, now featuring their key ingredients on pack, helping you to see what amazing ingredients we’ve hand picked for each blend.



Taking body care back to basics, a solid soap is a great way to save on packaging & waste. Our body bars are made from natural ingredients, right here in NZ, and don’t include any synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals.  


The first of our new bars, Indulgent Body Bar, is a decadent blend of coffee grounds, coffee bean extract & shea butter, to help stimulate the skin’s senses while replenishing tired skin. This bar is suitable for normal to oily skin, and of course, anyone who can’t resist the delicious scent of coffee! 



Our next new addition, Refreshing Body Bar, is an invigorating blend of peppermint oil, kaolin clay & shea butter. Peppermint oil & kaolin clay help to balance the skin’s natural oil production while drawing out impurities, while shea butter deeply moisturises skin. This bar is suited for normal to oily skin types, and those who want to be refreshed from top to toe! 



These new additions are available exclusively online at, at The Warehouse, and select New World stores nationwide. 


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