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Witch Hazel has been used for centuries as a natural toner and is consistently used in beauty products due to its skin soothing properties. The plant, native to North America and parts of Asia, embodies powerful antioxidant and astringent benefits, known to prevent signs of aging, speed healing and stop cellular damage that can lead to skin cancer.

Moreover, the antibacterial properties of witch hazel fight minor infections whilst the tannins help to remove excess oils – hence why it’s considered one of the best natural acne and spot treatments available.

We use Witch Hazel in our Certified Organic Coconut Mist Toner, and we want to share with you our 5 top reasons why Witch Hazel should be a go to ingredient in your skin care! 

1, Helps Fight Acne

Acne is a serious pest which, for some, can really affect our confidence levels.

Witch Hazel however, is a really great natural remedy for treating acne by controlling inflammation, and decreasing redness on the skin. Witch Hazel also aids in balancing the skin’s pH level which is perfect for those with oily skin (the most common skin type to get acne) because balancing the pH levels means it still nourishes the skin, but without leaving your skin feeling greasy with excess oils.

Another benefit of Witch Hazel for ance-prone skin is that it reduces the look of pores! Firming the skin as it naturally tones.


2, Nourishes Dry Skin

We told you this natural ingredient was amazing! Not only does is help those with oily, acne-prone skin, it also helps nourish dry skin too! By removing excess oils and impurities, it only leaves the good stuff.

Using Witch Hazel to tone, especially right after a shower, will seal in moisture, and prevent skin from drying out. We highly recommend using a toner during the winter months when skin is usually at its driest, and even on flights!

A quick spritz can really have huge benefits!


3, Reduces Puffiness Around The Eyes

Puffy eyes are another common skin concern that lots of people have. Whether they be caused by stress, allergies, sun exposure, or even one too many wines on a Friday night (!) Witch Hazel could be the quick fix you have been searching for.

Known for tightening skin, Witch Hazel will soak into the targeted area and significantly help reduce any puffiness.


4, Relieves Discomfort Caused By Sunburn

Spritzing Witch Hazel on the affected area will bring instant relief to a sunburn as healing damaged skin is one of its specialties! As well as cooling the area, it will help prevent skin from peeling and flaking.

What’s better, is our Organic Coconut Mist Toner not only includes Witch Hazel, but Aloe Vera too for some serious natural healing powers!


5, Refreshes Your Face

Whether it be morning, midday, or night, a fresh spritz of Witch Hazel will give an instant refresh that will invigorate your face as well as helping to remove excess dirt and oil.

We use Witch Hazel in our Mist Toner combined with cold pressed Organic Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera to gently revitalise our skin using only the best from nature.

Stay tuned for our next ingredient feature coming soon!