When we first came to the mask party with our deliciously blended Rotorua Mud Masque, we had absolutely zero idea that in the years to follow we would see “masking” become the most Googled beauty trend to date in 2017, let alone introduce 9 new masks all at one go! But times have changed and so has the way we look at our skin care.

With natural skin care on the rise globally, as well the importance of recognising that different areas of your skin need to be looked after differently, we introduce you to the world of Multi Masking!

Forgetting the one-and-done approach to skin care, Multi-Masking promotes the use of multiple face masks at one time to target the different skin concerns found on different areas of your face. The best part is - you do this all at the same time, meaning you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror painting mask after mask onto your skin! You simply choose the right masks for your skin concerns, and apply to where you want these masks to work their magic! Another bonus is that with masks all being so different, made with a diverse palette of ingredients, we get to see our faces transform into colourful masterpieces for the duration of the mask pampering session!

We've created two Multi Masking Sets to both cleanse & replenish your skin: Skinfood Detox Trio Cleansing Multi Mask Set & Skinfood Night Trio Replenishing Multi Mask Set.


How to Multi Mask - using our Skinfood Detox Trio Cleansing Multi Mask Set.

1 - Wash your face
This ones simple - Skin care products always work best on fresh skin. Wash your face with your daily cleanser and lukewarm water. This helps to open pores and remove any daily build up. We recommend either our Cleans All or Gel Cleanser for this step.

2 - Exfoliating is a must!
Prep your skin properly, by exfoliating with a gentle exfoliator like our walnut shell Exfoliating Scrub, you will remove any unwanted dead skin cells from your face, and allow for the ingredients in your masks to work their magic and get right into where they need to go.

3 - Mask 1 - Revive Berry Gel
Starting at your forehead, take your Skinfood brush and apply the revive berry gel. This mask is packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to help rejuvenate & restore hydration, leaving the skin above the eyebrows soft & supple.


4 - Mask 2 - Detox Charcoal Mask
This mask targets the T-zone to deeply cleanse & draw out impurities from the skin with the help from its natural ingredients; bamboo charcoal, Rotorua mud & seaweed extracts. Apply this mask to your t-zone & chin.


5 - Mask 3 - Quench Coconut Mask
Rich in coconut oil to promote natural moisture, along with New Zealand glacial clay, lime pearl caviar & raspberry extract to help cleanse, hydrate & diminish dullness. Apply this mask to your cheeks & jawline, and feel the subtle tingling of the lime pearl caviar as it gently exfoliates your skin.


6 - The waiting game
Although multi-masks eliminate the need to spend hours masking, you do still need to wait a little (sorry). Leave on all three masks for 15 - 20 minutes. 

7 - Final touches
Rinse off with a warm wash cloth & follow with Skinfood serum or oil, then moisturise. Voilà you're done! You should now have a fresh feeling face ready to take on the day! Don't forget to also rinse & dry your brush.



Think of multi-masking as your at home customized facial. Treat skin to a trio of natural masks created to be used simultaneously on different zones of the face to address specific concerns & help leave skin feeling refreshed, purified & renewed.

Buy your Skinfood Multi Masks sets from your local Countdown supermarkets now.