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We all dream to one day wake up to flawless, glowing skin with not a skin concern in sight. Well what if we told you that you could?

Cue Overnight Masking! While the standard steps of a face mask goes - wash your face, apply face mask, wash it off - this new type of masking makes it even simpler.

 You wash your face, apply face mask, and go to sleep! Don’t believe us?

Check out our new Night Trio Replenishing Multi Mask Set! Still full of questions about what exactly overnight masking is? 

Don’t worry. We’re here to break it down, so you can overnight mask in sleep serenity.

What is an overnight mask?

Unlike a clay based mask or sheet mask, an overnight mask doesn’t need to be washed off. They are closely compared to the texture of a serum, and deeply penetrate the skin over a longer time period than your standard face mask. Resulting in deeply hydrated and supple skin.


What is the main benefit of using an overnight mask?

Our Night Trio includes three overnight masks which cater for different skin concerns, but at the end of the day each are used to intensely hydrate. Using a mask overnight means you have plenty of time to allow for the mask to work its magic and lock the masks hydrating properties into the skin.

A secondary benefit is that your effectively hydrating skin while sleeping so you're really ticking off two tasks in one! (Not saying skincare is a chore!)


How is an overnight mask different to a night cream?

Night Creams contain more nourishing & hydrating ingredients than your daily moisturiser, and like our own, are focused on firming and plumping the skin. Night masks share the same hydrating properties of a night cream, just taken to the next level.

Retaining water that is usually lost while we sleep, night masks are a seriously powerful way to achieve a healthy complexion overnight. Still, the difference is really dependent on your personal skin type and what you want to achieve with your overnight skin care routine.


Can I use anything else at the same time as my night mask?

You can! While overnight masks are known for being ultra-hydrating, some opt for using a serum before applying a night mask. This can be great for really dehydrated skin, as the night mask will lock in the serum, more so than when using a serum alone, and combine both products hydrating properties to create a seriously hydrating combination.


How does an overnight mask feel on the skin?

This is something that we talked about a lot while creating the formula for our overnight masks as we didn’t want to create something that felt heavy when applied.

Our overnight masks are gel & cream textured masks which are super light on the skin. They slightly tighten as they absorb, but not so much that you can’t move your face naturally.


How do you use the Skinfood Night Trio Replenishing Multi Mask Set?

1 - Wash your face

This one’s simple - Skin care products always work best on fresh skin. Wash your face with your daily cleanser and lukewarm water. This helps to open pores and remove any daily build up. We recommend either our Cleans All or Gel Cleanser for this step.


2 - Exfoliating is a must!

Prep your skin properly, by exfoliating with a gentle exfoliator like our walnut shell Exfoliating Scrub, you will remove any unwanted dead skin cells from your face, and allow for the ingredients in your masks to work their magic and get right into where they need to go.


3 - Mask 1 - Glow Manuka Honey Mask

Starting at your forehead, take your Skinfood brush and apply the glow manuka honey mask to forehead & bridge of nose.

This mask is abundant in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help skin feel moisturised & refreshed, while lime pearl caviar works gently to exfoliate away unnecessary dead skin.



4 - Mask 2 - Soothe Eye Mask

Made with New Zealand fern & comfrey extracts to care for sensitive skin around the eyes, encouraging its natural elasticity. Cucumber extract is also used to help calm and reduce feelings of puffiness.

Apply this mask to the area under & around your eyes.



5 - Mask 3 - Night Avocado Mask

A powerful combination of avocado oil, cucumber & aloe vera extracts to help replenish & intensely nurture skin.

Apply this mask over cheeks & chin.

 6 - Final touches

Rinse & dry your brush, and ensure your mask pots are closed properly and stored in a cool, dry place below 30ºC.


7 - Bedtime!

We recommend waiting around 10-20 minutes before going to sleep, only to avoid the masks transferring from your skin to pillow. Leave masks on overnight & wake up to fully absorbed, supple skin.

Indulge skin overnight with this selection of natural masks, catering to specific requirements of the face to help restore, nurture & satisfy skin while you sleep.