Did you know we're vegan and vegetarian approved?!

Reflecting on the Skinfood range having efficiently cleansed, hydrated & nourished skin for the past 15 years we appreciate and admire the hard work of mother nature. Nature has, and always will be our source for delicious ingredients to formulate actively effective skincare.

Using bio-active food ingredients to curate our range, we are able to use unique ingredients that are always sustainably sourced and cruelty free. Not only that, but from our extensive range we are proud to have 27 vegetarian approved products & 19 vegan approved. These approvals coming from The Vegetarian Society.

What is The Vegetarian Society and why does it matter to us?

We are proud to be approved by The Vegetarian Society, the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world. Their mission is to inspire and inform consumers of their lifestyle choices and assist in educating on the importance of knowing exactly what goes into each individual product.

The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks are only licensed to products that meet their strict criteria. Skinfood have gone through a rigorous testing process that looks into the independent ingredient and production method by experts at the Vegetarian society to receive this trademark accreditation.

By displaying these vegetarian and vegan trademarks, we are not only reassuring our Skinfoodies that you can trust our products to be true to claim but we want to remain as transparent as possible on what exactly you are putting on your skin. Feeding your skin truly the best from nature.


A list of our Vegetarian approved products;

Little Head Shampoo, Little Body Lotion, Little Body Wash, Little Body Oil, Little Body Powder, Little Bottom Balm, Body Butter, Brightening Eye Serum, Cleans All, Coconut Mist Toner, Detox Trio Cleansing Multi Mask Set, Exfoliating Scrub,Facial At Home Trial Set, Facial Wipes, Glow Manuka Honey Mask, Light Moisturiser, Lip Balm, Night Avocado Mask, Night Trio Replenishing Multi Mask Set, Nourishing Hand Cream 100ml, Nourishing Moisturiser, Restore Night Cream, SPF15 Moisturiser, Cleansing Body Bar, Exfoliating Body Bar, Mud & Honey Body Bar.


A list of our Vegan approved products;

Organic Coconut & Nut Oil, Coconut & Cucumber Hydrating Sheet Mask, Detox Charcoal Mask, Gel Cleanser, Mud Masque, Quench Coconut Mask, Revive Berry Gel Mask, Soothe Eye Mask, Tanning Moisturiser, Nourishing Body Bar, Ageless Vitamin C Brightening Day Cream, Ageless Hyaluronic Moisturising Cream, Ageless Ceramide Cleansing Cream, Ageless Bakuchiol Booster Serum, Ageless Green Tea Power Hydrogel Mask.