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So by now you know a handful of our products are natural certified by COSMOS, but what exactly does that mean...? How do you know which products are natural and which aren't? Or the difference between natural and natural certified? Never fear, the Skinfood team is here to fill in the blanks and answer your FAQS about our COSMOS Natural certified products!


What is COSMOS?

COSMOS is the more commonly recognised acronym for the “Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard”, which sets global certification requirements for organic and natural cosmetic products in the cosmetic industry. The COSMOS standard was established by the five largest European certification organisations as a way to unify a more transparent understanding of regulations and standards for all natural and organic cosmetics across the board.


What does buying COSMOS natural mean for our Skinfoodies?

Buying COSMOS certified natural products means that you are purchasing high quality, naturally made products all the way from the ingredient origins to the last squeeze of the tube, and everything in between.

Buying Certified Natural COSMOS means that you don’t have to second guess any part of your product. Our COSMOS products have been independently verified to meet these natural standards and we are audited annually to ensure we continue to uphold them. It is designed specifically to give you all of the good stuff your body craves and certainly isn’t hiding anything in there you don’t need. Not that we’ve ever done that anyway!

Will the price increase on Skinfood products that are COSMOS certified?

That’s the best part - absolutely not! While we are improving our products and using the best ingredients we can source, we will continue to create our range to be affordable for everyone.


Have the Skinfood products, that are now labelled COSMOS, changed?

Some of our products have changed slightly, although we’d be surprised if you can tell! They’ve changed because we care about what our Skinfoodies are using and we want them to have the best experience with our products as possible.  We have used this chance to improve our existing formulations and to make our products even better.

If you have any questions about changes please feel free to email us! 


Were Skinfood products not natural before?

We've always made our products using the best from nature! A lot of our range has been with us from the very start 15 years ago, and since then green chemistry has come a long way. We’ve introduced new ingredient sources which have been found to be more effective than others we were originally using.

A big part of why Skinfood has remained successful in natural skincare for all these years is because we are constantly looking for ways to improve our range and the ingredients that go into it. We always have been natural and this is just the verification of it so you don’t just have to take our word for it!


How do I know which Skinfood products are COSMOS?

To find out if a Skinfood product is COSMOS certified natural look for the Ecocert logo, with the words ‘COSMOS NATURAL’ on the front of the product. The ingredient list on the products back facing will also read the following statement; COSMOS NATURAL certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standard. See example images below.



Why do some products have an ECOCERT Organic Cosmetic Logo?

We have worked with French certification body, ECOCERT, for many years (and the COSMOS standard was only launched in 2010), therefore some of our original products have ECOCERT Organic certification.

The ECOCERT body specialises in the certification of organic products for sustainable development and encourages transparency between producers and consumers, as well as inspires confidence in the products with the ECOCERT seal of approval that you see on shelf.

For more info on the difference between the COSMOS and ECOCERT standards, check out our “COSMOS & ECOCERT – What’s the difference?” article on our blog. 



What about the products that don’t have a certification?

Because the certification process is a lengthy process and we were just too excited to delay telling you about some of our newer products, we launched these without Natural or Organic certifications. But rest assured, these have still been formulated extremely carefully using the best available green chemistry to us and by the same team that created our certified products – we just haven’t been through the official certification process – yet!

You’ll still find the same natural percentage statement in the ingredients list, calculated by the caring team that formulates our products for you.

And as always, if you have any specific ingredient queries don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Skinfood team.