In the spirit of gifting back this year, Skinfood has kindly donated to the wonderful ladies at Christmas Care Box! These gorgeous ladies take time out of their busy schedules to curate care boxes for those in need this Christmas, gathering essential and treat items to make sure everybody has a lovely festive season this year. 

We sat down with founders, Abbie, Jess and Hannah to see how it all went this year! 

What is the most enjoyable/important part about giving back to local New Zealand people from local New Zealand companies?

It’s been very humbling to see so many local New Zealand companies rallying around to support Kiwis in need at one of the most difficult times of the year. Many of these companies are smaller, niche organisations who have acknowledged our initiative, and dug deep to help us reach hundreds of Kiwi children – Without their support it just wouldn’t be possible.



Can you tell us more about Christmas Care Box's mission? 

Our mission is to spread love and joy to Kiwi children across New Zealand, who otherwise wouldn’t feel the magic of Christmas due to family financial hardship. We provide these children with a range of necessities and toys to help support and make their lives a little bit easier at this difficult time.


What can/does a skincare product do or give to a person in need at Christmas?

Helping Kiwis to look after and protect their skin and bodies from a young age is really important. Good quality skincare can be out of reach for many people, but with the support of amazing companies such as Skinfood, we are able to provide young ladies and women with high-quality, natural skin products to incorporate into their daily routine. It allows these people to learn about self-care, and they won’t forget how companies such as Skinfood put their quality products within reach. 



Why or how do you select brands that you reach out to?

We’re really big on only putting high-quality products in our boxes, and this way of thinking helps us decide who to reach out to.

We’re lucky in New Zealand that there are a lot of local companies creating amazing products, so we try to reach out to a range of these companies, from food, skin care, hygiene products, stationary, clothing for support in different categories from our boxes.

We really focus on reaching out to our network as well, we’re fortunate that we all work in different industries, and have supportive friends and family who help us spread the word.

What’s also been great, is once we start gaining a bit of traction and have a few sponsors on board, it starts to create a positive snow ball effect, and we end up having companies (almost always NZ owned) who reach out to us wanting to support us – This is such a highlight for us as it shows we are doing something good that people and companies want to get behind, and as a bonus allows us to put more boxes together than we initially anticipated.


Feedback from one of the nurses that we provide hospital boxes to:

“We gave the boxes to many families under the care of the children's community nurses. One in particular was a family of a little girl with a brain tumour, who were living day by day on food parcels and had nothing left for Christmas presents. The mother of the family spent every waking minute caring for her terminally ill daughter and was SO grateful for the parcel which contained products which were luxury to her and her whole family, and made them feel the magic of Christmas during the most difficult time of their lives. Since then her daughter has unfortunately passed away. But we will be visiting the family again this year with a Christmas box for her brothers and the parents to enjoy. To try to bring some goodness and happiness to them at this time of year, which will be so difficult without their beautiful little girl.”



We’re on track to put together well over 400 boxes (we packed 390 this weekend just gone) and look forward to sharing with you the impact these boxes will have on Kiwi kids at our Breakfast Club Christmas Day.


Check out the videos below!