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You're bound to have heard of Skinfood New Zealand! If you haven't then you're in for a treat. It is made right here in New Zealand. Skinfood is a skincare brand, free from parabens and those nasty ingredients you can sometimes find in other skincare products. These products are not tested on animals, so that gets a thumbs up from me and even better they use recyclable packaging. Skinfood have created a range of nutritious products for any skin type that nourishes, revitalizes and cleanses the skin.

Skinfood Cleans All RRP $13.99 NZD

With Manuka honey, kiwifruit, lime flower extracts, sunflower oil and aloe vera. Skinfood's Cleans All is a paraben-free facial cleanser gentle enough for make-up removal and leaves skin soft and supple. Cleans all is a beautiful natural cream cleanser, whilst I prefer to use a foaming cleanser in the morning I have been using cleans all on a makeup remover pad every evening for the past month and it is true to the product name, it definitely cleans all!

From day wear makeup to a full face of evening makeup, cleans all did exactly what it said it would with minimal effort, I found it to be very gentle and I did not have to scrub into my skin to remove all traces of makeup. I initially tried using the product by massaging into my face with fingers and rinsing off with water, however, I found that using a cotton makeup remover pad to remove the product best worked for me. The natural oils in the formulation left my skin feeling soft, supple and clean without that 'squeaky clean' feeling.The natural anti-septic properties of Manuka honey helped to control breakouts. I always have hormonal breakouts during 'that time of the month' but found that when using this product the breakouts were very minimal.


 Skinfood Exfoliatiing-Scrub RRP $13.99 NZD

With walnut shell, cucumber extract, Manuka honey, aloe vera, sweet almond and lime to cleanse, Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub refreshes tired skin. Oh, I am in love with the exfoliator, I exfoliate at least every second day in the morning while showering and this product does not disappoint. I love that the exfoliant in the product is natural walnut shell rather than those horrible plastic micro-beads that have gained so much media attention lately.

The product is very thick and creamy which helps to give an even application, there is also a fairly decent amount of exfoliators in the product which I love, so many scrubs out there have very few exfoliant particles in it compared to the solution which means you have to scrub for quite a while to get the desired result. This product delivered on all promises, it cleanses, removes dead skin cells and debris whilst leaving my skin soft and smooth without irritating the skin, I can most certainly say that I have noticed a small reduction in my pore size and the amount of whiteheads on my chin, which I only put down to this product.


Skinfood Mud-Masque RRP $13.99 NZD

The masque is rich in natural minerals found in the volcanic muds of New Zealand. The masque works as a deep cleanser to soften and relaxes the skin. This is a very affordable masque that actually works! The formulation is smooth and smells really good, I have used clay and mud products before and found some of them to be a little gritty, which I did not enjoy.

To apply I use an old foundation brush or my fingers, which really saves me time and ensures and even application, as the product dries you can literally see it working its magic. I noticed tiny dark spots appear where my pores are, which was the masque drawing all the oil/debris out. It was like a vacuum effect! Unlike some other face masques I have used, this product did not crack a lot when I made facial expressions, it certainly did crack a small amount, however not to the point that when you smile tiny powdery specks fall off your face onto your clothes. To remove I used a damp wash cloth and placed it on my entire face to dampen the product, I found by doing this the masque was a lot easier to remove. The final product was beautifully smooth skin, clean pores, and well-balanced skin.


Skinfood Organic-Rosehip-Oil RRP $23.99 NZD

With potent natural actives, powerful antioxidants and rich in essential fatty acids, Skinfood Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is effective for scars, stretch marks, fine lines and dehydrated skin showing signs of ageing. As much as I love oils for the skin, I tried Skinfoods Rosehip Oil mixed with some moisturizer and it made my skin extra oily, it did not work out as i hoped, so I had to see what benefits it would offer to a different skin type.

Maycey had an opportunity to try the rosehip oil. Maycey has dry to combination skin, her main skin concern is the dryness she tends to get on her nose. Just using this over a week Mayceys skin feels hydrated and very soft, also reduced acne spots and has started to clear up acne scarring she has on her cheeks and chin. Maycey is really enjoying this product and it has become a big part of her skin care routine.


Skinfood Facial-Cleansing-Wipes RRP $10.19 NZD

Refresh your skin on the go with these easy one step cleansing and moisturising wipes designed to gently make-up. The facial wipes include extracts from Chamomile and Aloe Vera, which have the wonderful soothing and healing properties and help leave your skin feeling fresh and looking revitalised. The clever dispenser pack makes the facial wipes so convenient to use and also very hygienic.

The Skinfood Cleansing Wipes are so moist, I have to say the best I have used. There is no worry of them drying out fairly quickly, containing chamomile and aloe vera leaves my skin refreshed. These wipes are that saturated and soft in texture and quite thick and larger than any other makeup wipes I have used I only need one wipe to remove my makeup. It is that easy with one wipe my full face of makeup is being removed just like that. For my sensitive skin, there is no irritation or redness afterwards. I highly recommend these, for all skin types - 25 wipes.

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