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We've expanded our much loved skin care range to include two delicious new body scrub blends - body care just got a lot more exciting! If you're not sure where to begin with questions, we've got all the information covered to take you from an exfoliating novice to goddess in no time! 



Why should I use a body scrub?


Designed to invigorate tired skin, our two brand new body scrubs will have you exfoliating away dead & dry skin, to soothe, refresh and brighten! Each day your skin turns over 50 million skin cells, which can cause skin to look dull, tired and dry - that’s a great reason to buff some of them away! Using a body scrub regularly helps to buff away dead skin build up, aid in soothing skin irritations and blemishes, and stimulate circulation and cell turnover. Exfoliating also allows moisturising products to absorb better into the body, making it the perfect prep for lotion or self tanner. Buffing away this layer of lacklustre skin will help to firm, tighten and generally have your skin feeling its best! 


How do I use a body scrub?


Our scrub blends have been specifically designed to energise and revive skin, using nature’s best exfoliators - salt, coffee, kaolin clay, chia seed & oatmeal. This means our scrubs do the hard work for you! We recommend you scoop a handful of scrub into your palm and gently massage onto wet skin in a circular motion from the neck down. The natural exfoliators in these blends will slough away dead skin with ease, so no need for harsh rubbing or scrubbing! Once you're finished, rinse off the scrub and follow with your regular lotion or body butter to help lock in all the moisturising benefits!


TOP TIP: Remember to wash away residual scrub in your shower or bath tub! 


How often should I use a body scrub? 


We recommend once or twice a week, but everyone’s skin is different! We recommend doing a test patch with all of our products, as well as working out a routine that’s best for your skin type & needs. 


What are the key ingredient benefits? 


Both scrubs are a salt based blend, composed of a mix of Epsom, Himalayan & sea salts. The benefits of using salt for natural exfoliation are ample! These salts are known to slough away dry, dead and flaky skin gently, helping to relieve irritated, blemished or acne prone skin while causing no further irritation (and they’re antibacterial)! They are also great detoxifiers, drawing impurities from within. 


Coffee & Cacao Energising Body Scrub


Roasted Coffee grounds have endless skin benefits to help you glow. Caffeine increases blood flow, aiding circulation and promoting natural collagen production. This exfoliating ingredient not only invigorates tired, dull skin, it’s also anti-inflammatory.


Rich Cacao Powder is an antioxidant rich powerhouse. Cacao protects and repairs skin, while nourishing and hydrating, to leave your skin soft and glowing. Cacao has also been known to fight the signs of ageing and works to repair sun damage. 


Oatmeal cleanses skin without stripping it of natural oil. High in proteins and lipids, this ultra moisturising ingredient works to relieve inflammation, redness and itching of the skin. 


Kaolin Clay is a natural detoxifier, drawing impurities and dirt from within, without drying skin or causing irritation. Kaolin clay helps to tighten and tone, pulling excess oil from skin while balancing oil production.


Coconut & Berry Reviving Body Scrub


Coconut is deeply hydrating and soothing, helping to restore your skin’s natural pH level. It also has been known to help soothe eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 


Acai Berry is a powerhouse of antioxidants, great for fighting free radical damage. Vitamin A aids in reducing hyperpigmentation and signs of ageing. Vitamin C helps to brighten skin and aid in your skin’s natural collagen production. 


Beetroot is also high in vitamin C, beneficial for brightening, anti-ageing and is anti-inflammatory. 


Chia Seed also provides wonderful natural exfoliation for the skin. They're also high in omega 3 & 6 which help to smooth and strengthen skin. 


100% Natural Fragrance


We’re proud to only ever use natural fragrance in our products - you never have to worry about synthetic perfumes with us!


The fragrances we have included in our scrubs are 100% natural, made from natural compounds and certified by Ecocert


RRP $15.99 each 


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