Today is the International Day of Happiness and we want to share some ideas with you so you can spend the day doing at least one thing that brings you happiness.

1, Get In Touch With Nature

Go outside! Go for a walk and bask in the sunshine. Even if it is on your lunch break, allow yourself time to get some fresh air. If you’re lucky enough to not be spending today in an office, get yourself really in touch with nature. New Zealand is particularly fortunate to be home to many native nature walks that will have smiling ear to ear.

2, Spend Today Together

Spending today with those who make you happy is the best way to spend way to spend the International Day Of Happiness right? Get a coffee with your BFFs, or have the family round for dinner. Spending time with those you love is always a sure fire way to make you happy.

3, Pamper Yourself

Being kind to yourself is the best way to live your life so take it to the next level today and treat yourself to a little pampering. We (of course) recommend a facial to help you with this. Try our Facial At Home Trial Set to delight your skin with the ultimate facial from the comfort of home.  

4, Eat Yourself Happy

As an avid foodie, I can always rely on a full belly to make me happy! My best advice would be to make a day of it, and treat yourself at some of the many foodie hotspots around New Zealand. Alternatively, bring the culinary party home and crank up your favourite tunes while you cook up your favourite meal.

5, Positive Affirmations

Focus on the peaks in your life right now. Write down all the wonderful things you’ve done in 2019 thus far and give yourself a pat on the back for them. Don’t stop there, make a list for the rest of your year. What do you want to accomplish before the new decade? Write it out and get at it!