5 Tips To Balance Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a drag right? Constantly fighting the urge to wash your face for the 4th time that day, running out of blotting paper, and trying to turn shine into glow - we feel ya! Fortunately we've got some top tips to balance skin and slow the excess production of oil. 

1/ Don’t dry out your skin! 

As tempting as it is, excessive cleansing can dry out your skin and make it even oilier...oh the horror. Try to avoid products that contain drying alcohols, opting for acids instead, like Salicylic, Glycolic & Lactic. The goal is for your skin to feel normal when washed, not dry, meaning your cleanser is effectively removing daily build up of oil & dirt, whilst not stripping the skin of it’s natural oil (as this will most certainly bring more oil to the party). We recommend our Gel Cleanser or Ceramide Cleansing Cream for a lightweight and hydrating option.

2 / Picking the right exfoliator & mask. 

Oily skin goers are no strangers to clogged pores, blemishes and well, frustration. In order to keep these pesky side effects of an oily complexion at bay you’re going to want to exfoliate dead skin and debris 1-2 times a week. But remember, be gentle. We recommend our Ceramide Cleansing Cream or Quench Coconut Mask for a gentle AHA packed buffering! For masks we recommend looking for ingredients like kaolin & bentonite clay, bamboo charcoal and Rotorua mud - just a few of our faves to soak up unwanted oil. Treat your skin to a deep cleanse with one of these toxin fighting ingredient masks once a week - but don't go overboard, once is enough. 


3 / Don’t skip your moisturiser, serum or oil.

That’s right, the whole reason your skin is producing excess oil to begin with is because it has a moisture imbalance. You’re going to want to simultaneously restore your moisture barrier, cleanse away toxins and dead skin, while rehydrating and balancing your complexion - complicated we know, but it doesn’t have to be! The simple answer is your skin needs to be rebalanced, oily skin likes oil and LOVES water. You won’t feel the immediate effects on day 1, but consistent hydration will level out the oil production and eventually get your skin to normalise. Try lightweight ingredients to draw in moisture like hyaluronic acid and olive squalane.  

 4 / Balance your oils from within. 

You can also help to aid your oily skin from within, by incorporating more essential fatty acid rich food like fish, nuts, lemons, and of course water. Cutting processed sugars and fried food will also help *internal crying*. Foods rich in Vitamin A, like carrots, spinach and broccoli can also slow down your natural oil production, so load up! 

5 / Is your body oily too?

If you’re also dealing with the dreaded ‘bacne’, fear not you can balance this too. We tend to focus all of our evening efforts on our skin care routine, often forgetting our body needs attention too. Once a week treat your body to an all over exfoliation to remove dead skin, helping to clear out pores and reduce inflammation. Not only will this slough away dead skin to reveal the supple skin below, you'll also be improving circulation which promotes a healthy glow. Switch out your creamy body wash for a refreshing bar soap that is catered to oily skin - one that will draw out toxins & oil while hydrating. Follow with a lotion or lightweight body oil to seal in hydration - this is KEY. 

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