5 Things To Do While In Lockdown

1. Great Nationwide Teddy Bear Hunt: 

If you’re not already participating, get on it! These bears are a real spirit lifter, and motivator to get the little ones out for a walk. If there's one thing us Kiwi's do right, it's band together in unique and fun ways. If you have already dragged out Minnie & Mickey Mouse, have you thought about jazzing them up day to day? There’s always sunglasses, hats and other props lying around the house that your little stuffed toys might like to play with. Check out this creative Toy Story scene below!

 2. Tik Tok Family Dance: 

It might be cliché. It will definitely be embarrassing. But it’s a sure fire family laugh fest waiting to happen. It’s been blowing up the internet, parents joining their kids in some of the best Tik Tok dances around, so why not take an hour to get on your feet and coordinate a family dance - we guarantee there will be less fighting than a game of monopoly. 

Here's an easy one to learn to get you started! - 


3. Try Wearing Out The Dog: 

This one is a challenge! And of course depends on how many dogs, or the size of the pup you have driving you mad at home. Great ways to tire them out?

- Split into teams to have multiple walks

- Teach them that new trick they never quite learnt (we love ‘go annoy the kids’). 

- Set up an in house obstacle course (this one works for the kids too!). Also, film it. 

- Play hide the treat, three cups, one treat, you know the drill. 


4. Finally Read That Book:

But how you ask? How am I supposed to get an hour to myself to sit in the garden and read in the sunshine? Well, Frozen 2 has been kindly released early on Disney + (who also offer a 7 day free trial). Frozen + Frozen 2 = 3 hours & 32 minutes of blissfully uninterrupted quiet time, go on grab a cold bevvy as well, it’s finally 'me time'. 


5. 10 Step Skin Care Routine:

There truly is no better time to step up your skin care regime. So if you've got time on your hands, we recommend the below!

  1. Double cleanse. An oil based cleanser followed by a cream based cleanser will help really deep clean any dirt, build up and general dead skin clinging to your complexion. 
  2. Exfoliate! Physical or chemical, we recommend giving your skin the extra spruce. 
  3. Treatment mask - detox! Slap on a mud masque and kick back for 15. 
  4. Follow with a hydrating mask - our new obsession = Green Tea Power Hydrogel Mask. 
  5. Now you’re ready for toner - Coconut Mist Toner that is. 
  6. Serums - we recommend Brightening Eye Serum to lift dark circles, and Bakuchiol Booster Serum to refine & resurface your complexion. 
  7. Oil - A little rosehip goes a long way. 
  8. Moisturiser - Hyaluronic will have your skin feeling plump and delicious. 
  9. Don’t forget your body! Lather our popular body butter all over. 
  10. Ready to hop into bed? Not without your Night Avocado Sleeping Mask you're not.

Okay so all this might keep you busy, for a half a day? Stay safe Skinfoodies, and tag us if you try any of the above! #skinfoodie