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No one wants to be that person walking around with a killer sunburn, channelling their best lobster impression. Right?
While we can't stop those who claim they "don't burn", we can help the rest of us get smart about the sun this summer with these 5 easy tips to keep your skin happy & you looking your best.


1, The Hat Trick

Now I don't want to come off as that school teacher that wouldn't let you in the sun at lunch if you forgot your hat, but seriously. Wear a hat! The scalp is particulary susceptible to skin cancer due to if's regular exposure to the sun. So be sure to add a cute wide brim hat to your christmas list & basque in the sun knowing that head of yours is safe!


2, Make SPF your BFF

Keep your skin protected at all times with a good dose of SPF. Our Skinfood SPF15 Moisturiser is a great daily facial moisturiser for summer but do be sure to reapply often if out and about in the sun for long periods. We also highly recommend a high SPF for your all over body sunscreen.


3, Eyes of the Prize

Your eyes are just as prone to the sun as the rest of your body. That's why it's so important to choose a good pair of shades for summer & literally wear them everywhere. This will also reduce that squint that often leads to early signs of ageing. So keep those sunglasses on!


4, Aloe Aloe Aloe

If you do get burnt this summer be sure to stock up on some Aloe Vera. A favourite at Skinfood, Aloe Vera contains multiple antioxidants (including vitamin C, E and beta carotene) to improve skins firmness & remain hydrated. Aloe’s most famous use however would be its infamous moisturising & soothing properties, as it builds an additional layer of cells that act as a protectant letting the skin heal faster.


5, "Of Course It's Natural"

If the sun gets too much this summer, or you want to top up your tan while still keeping it 'natural' try our Tanning Moisturiser!
This natural gradual tan delivers a sun kissed glow after two-three applications. It's the perfect natural tan this summer that won't damage your skin!

Jacinda Taylor