5 Skin Goals for 2021

It's an exciting new year, which can only mean one thing: goal setting! Just like committing to an air fryer, or training for that 10km marathon, setting a clear intention for your health, wellness and skin is a must! Below are our top skin goals to start the year off on the right foot.  


1 / Declutter the shelf - check expiry dates and have a deep clean. It can be all too easy to acquire multiple skin care and beauty items throughout the year (or over the years). Often we forget we have something before we’ve even used it! This is a great time to gift products you used a few times that didn’t quite work for your skin, and give them a second life in someone else’s routine.

2 / Buy local! The importance of buying local is still top of mind in 2021, helping to boost our economy and keep your fave locals in business. New Zealand is home to some of the worlds most potent active skin care ingredients, like Manuka Honey & Rotorua Mud (among others), so it’s high time we celebrate these local gems!

3 /  Write your skin care & health goals on paper - this puts your intention out in the open! Making a goal makes your future skin care decision making easier, eg. when you’re tempted to buy more of what you already have, or items that aren’t suited to your overall skin goal. Just like your goal to get back into running, or save $10K, looking at your ideal skin as a goal will help you visualise and work toward this in an attainable way. If my goal is to have less acne or improved signs of ageing, then I can cater my products to meet these goals specifically, instead of getting swept up in trends, textures and an abundance of products. Plan your skin care goals, and choose your products accordingly!

4 / Double check label claims! When selecting beauty care it’s quite easy to get whisked away in claims, trends, packaging and fancy marketing - but that doesn’t necessarily mean that product will work for you, or is in fact ‘clean’ or ‘natural’. Look for certifications and accreditations on packaging to help steer your purchasing decisions. Our Skinfood range features an array of Ecocert Organic & Cosmos Natural label claims, as well as a natural % statement in our ingredient list (so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin!).

5 / Do your homework: (except this is like the fun homework where you get to do quizzes and stuff). What we mean is; do a little research to determine your skin type and skin care routine. We also highly recommend making note of products that haven’t worked (to cross reference ingredients your skin doesn’t like - just as important!). In this beautiful, unique world we live in, everyone’s skin needs vary greatly, not just genetically, but also environmental and lifestyle stressors all take hold of our skin, determining what kind of products are best to balance our biome. Once you’re clear on your skin care goal and skin type, shop the drop down to suit you skin, eg. sensitive, oily, ageing.