Combining her knowledge as a qualified beautician with her interest in ASMR, Jody aka GalaxyDreaming, creates skilled & relaxing Youtube videos of facial treatments, how to tutorials & more, that are shared with her 297K subscribers. Skinfood was lucky enough to make a feature in a few of her videos, with Jody using our Facial At Home Trial Set for her treatments.

Firstly, we want to say thank you for using our Facial At Home Trial Set in a few of your videos. It was so nice to receive that initial message from you with that video attached. 

Now, tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into beauty?

I'm a proud Kiwi, love New Zealand, a busy, independent Mum, Beautician, Creative and Youtuber.  I had always worked in an office environment before I found myself interested in the beauty industry. 

My interest was during my first experience of having my hair and make up done by a professional for a special occasion. I had not experienced feeling and looking so pretty and glam before then. I just thought that if this was how I felt (amazing and beautiful and confident,) that I too wanted to make other people feel the same about themselves. That's when I looked into doing a beautician course at Elite International Wellington NZ. Initially I thought I'd want to focus on make up however after learning a variety of beauty treatments I realised I preferred pampering treatments (like facials and massage). What makes me happy working in the beauty industry is helping others relax. 

For those who don't know what ASMR is, can you please explain it?

ASMR is a sensation, which people can refer to as tingles, that a viewer/person will experience in their scalp, neck and spine when they either hear and/or view something that triggers the ASMR response. The best I can relate to it is the sensation you may feel when somebody whispers in your ear. For me ASMR is about achieving calm and relaxation rather than the tingle sensation. There are lots of different ASMR triggers (scalp massage sounds, a soft voice, tapping nails, food wrapper crinkles, hand movements, watching someone make something when they are in the "zone"). One trigger may not work for everyone. 



a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck, as experienced by some people in response to a specific gentle stimulus, often a particular sound.

"ASMR is triggered by things like whispering voices, paper tearing, and scalp massage"

What was your first introduction to ASMR? Why do you think ASMR has taken off so significantly in recent years?

My introduction to ASMR was by accident really... I create how-to beauty treatment videos to help other beauticians learn and develop, I then upload them to my youtube channel, Galaxydreaming, to share them. My first introduction to ASMR was 5 years ago when a viewer wrote a comment on a facial video and said "I got ASMR from this" (image below). First I thought OMG! My video did what?? I honestly didn't know what ASMR was back then so I googled it. I was relieved to find it wasn't a bad thing and intrigued how my video could cause this ASMR she referred to. I learnt that movements, sounds and voices could create ASMR tingles and it seemed my facial video with the hand movements and soft spoken instructions created the perfect combination for ASMR relaxation and tingles. I created more relaxing style youtube videos and viewers would tell me I have the perfect voice for ASMR. Viewers requested more of my voice included in my ASMR videos and so I began to realise the sound of my voice contributed to why people were watching my ASMR content.  


I can only guess as to why ASMR has taken off recently and I assume that it has to do with how Youtube has made sharing our wants, needs, likes, values and opinions more easily worldwide via videos. We have better access to professional filming and audio equipment and I believe the world is much more open and accepting of our differences nowadays. People watch ASMR not only for "tingles" but to relax and to help with insomnia and/or anxiety. Relief is available through the tap of a video and immediately. Youtube plays a significant role, in my opinion, in growing the awareness of ASMR.

When did you start combining your beautician skills with ASMR? 

After the initial comment on youtube about ASMR I started intentionally combining beauty and ASMR for videos.

Do you get ASMR from doing your own videos? Does the people you're giving facials to in your videos get it while filming? 

I don't get tingles from my own videos no, I do however get a very calm feeling and feel super sleepy whilst editing my own videos lol! Although listening to my own voice is quite weird I do see how watching the hand movements and listening to a soft spoken voice is calming and assists with sleep. Models have not told me they get tingles from filming an ASMR video however I am working with a model currently where we are trialling the best set up to enhance treatment and product sounds for the client during a facial to create an amazing real life ASMR treatment experience. More to come on that as it develops. 

What's the process of making a video like for you?

Making a video is a process of filming and editing. The filming can be straight forward IF you can film somewhere without much background noise, for any other video background noise doesn't matter but for ASMR it's really important to have a quiet location so that I can record the treatment sounds as viewers prefer to have these included for ambience. I usually do all of the filming, sound and treatment myself but I have a very helpful model who reminds me to check all equipment through out the process.  

Editing is my favourite part of making a video, it's like putting a puzzle together, I enjoy the editing process. Voice recording is necessary for ASMR and this becomes a night time task for me as it must be a very quiet environment, especially if I'm recording whispers. Overall set up and filming can take between 4-6 hours, editing takes me 20-30 hours to produce a 30 minute video.  

What are your goals for 2019? 

Balance work and home life as best as possible. Continue learning new beauty treatments, share knowledge with Youtube subscribers, attend our NZ beauty Expo, show the world our amazing New Zealand products and support/meet other kiwi Youtubers. Mostly, my all time overal goal and hope is that the content I create helps people in some way or another. 



Check out Jody on YouTube and see if her videos create any ASMR sensations for you: Galaxy Dreaming